Martin Band Instruments Information Database


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**Note that as of August 2018 this page is still under construction – be sure to bookmark and come back often to see updates.**

This page is dedicated to the men and women that created such wonderful instruments throughout the decades for us all to enjoy!

Martin Cases

Educate yourself on the various examples of Martin cases over the decades. Included here are visual images and information in regards to Martin Cases.

Martin Original Published Materials

Hard to find original copies of Martin Marketing materials from the various era’s.

Martin Finishes

A list and visual reference of the various trumpet/cornet finishes 1920’s to 1960’s

Martin Bells

Refer to this section for information and reference images for Martin Trumpet Bell engravings from the Handcraft Imperial era (Early 1930’s to ~1939), Committee Models, Imperial and Indiana’s.

Martin Bottom Caps

Reference Images for Martin Bottom Cap designs over the decades. Examples of Handcraft, Committee, Deluxe, Imperial and more…

Martin Finger Rings

Wondering which is the right one for your instrument, or if your’s is original? Here’s a visual reference of the various 3rd valve slide rings from the different era’s.