Our Story

This isn’t a business but more of an border-line obsession with all things paper, cardboard and brass!

This website is testament to long hours spend researching, talking and networking with people over those years to truly gain an in -depth insight and expertise in these areas.

It exists as an information portal for others who might be inspired to follow a similar path and don’t have the time to research some of the options. 

Our Approach

It’s just one person, there is no team – but there is a much larger network and community of people who make this all happen. We specialize in the 1-on-1 interactions and a personal experience.

Shawn McKenzie 

Originator/Writer/Creator & Alt. Investor/Collector

Yes, I pretty much do everything on the site right now. The plan is to add more people as the site and content grows with time. But for now it’s just me.

A little about me:

  • Been collecting Comics since 1986.
  • Originally started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1993/94 with the Revised set. Also played Battletech CCG and Decipher: Star Wars CCG
  • Operated a Comic and Card store in New Zealand for 5-6 years 1994 – 2000.
  • Own and operate a Brass Instruments business in B.C. and collect and play brass instruments with a specific focus on Vintage Instruments.

I’m originally from New Zealand – but reside now in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

In addition I might know a little about Retail stores.

So that’s me, or did I just make all that up to sound good?