Welcome to Collect or Invest!

The aim here is to be a fun, entertaining and hopefully educational site for those who want to build either a fun and diverse collection or a perhaps a future alternative investment**.

I’ll have thoughts and analysis on personal buying decisions,and why I personally am putting cash into specific areas or collectible items. I’ll also cover some tips and tricks on what I do to maximize my own returns.

Along the way I hope to interact with other like-minded individuals and provide an outlet for some interesting discussions along the way. Let the journey begin……

Vintage Brass Instruments & more

Can you build a collection and make gains in vintage brass instruments – Trumpets, Cornet, Flugels & Accessories?

I’ll let you in on a few tips and tricks on how you can build your collection.

I’ll also cut down on the need for extensive research by providing quick buying guides and prices you can refer to, not to mention visual reference information.

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Magic the Gathering Card Game

Discussions around the popular card game from the early 1990’s. I started playing back in 1993 with 3rd Edition (Revised), ran a LGS with my father for 5 years between 1993-1998 and played it all: Magic, Star Wars Decipher CCG, Battletech CCG, Legends of the Five Rings & so many more.

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Silver & Bronze Age Comics

A look at Comic collecting and investing concentrating on sub $1K books from the 1960’s – 1990’s. I try and pick future winners and books that may be ready for a re-evaluation. Take a look from my perspective – I’ve been collecting on and off since 1989 with a focus on Silver and Bronze age comics.

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**The advice and suggestions here are all personal opinions and by no means should be deemed as ‘professional’ investment advice.